1. Custom jewellery design – Customers can directly communicate with our designers to create their beautiful piece of jewellery.
  2. Remodelling the jewellery pieces.
  3. Sort, select, sieve and grading of polished diamonds.
  4. Sort, select, sieve and grading of Precious and Semi-precious gemstones.
  5. Gold and Silver casting.
  6. Gold handmade/craftsmanship, Jewellery Polishing & final finishing.
  7. Jewellery Traditional setting (Diamonds and coloured stones).
  8. Jewellery floating Diamond (Carbonlokd) setting (Diamonds and coloured stones).
  9. Yellow Gold plating.
  10. White Gold & Silver Rhodium plating.
  11. Jewellery CAD designing and printing.
  12. Laser soldering (Gold / Silver).


It must be a jewellery piece purchased from Blue Diamonds Jewellery, which can be returned for either repair or remodelling by separating the gold, Polished diamonds, coloured stones and re-processing / manufacturing new designs using the separated raw materials after refining gold, selecting, and grading diamonds & coloured stones.

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