Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

The “Floating Diamonds” setting is where the diamonds are encased in a layer of carbon, with a high-end finish. This unique setting brings out the full lustre and brilliance of the smallest of diamonds, making the diamonds seem as if they are ‘floating’. In the clear colour of the setting, this allows all the facets of the diamonds to shine brilliantly and catch the light. This setting is also available in several colours, including black, blue, green, red and pink.

Uncovered by the usual metal prongs in other settings, this reduces the use of gold, which allows the jewellry to be of a lower weight and also at a better price.

The setting is extremely durable and protects the diamonds more than the traditional setting.

The use of many small diamonds, set close together to give the illusion of a larger diamond. This overall look allows the customer a better price for similar look to buying larger diamonds.

The “Floating Diamonds” setting was patented by Blue Diamonds Jewellery Worldwide in 1990 and is used to manufacture products for customers worldwide in the own designs. We offer a lifetime warranty for the setting.

A setting like no other, the “Patented” “Floating Diamonds Setting” bringing out the full brilliance of the smallest diamonds.

With designs you’ve never seen before, jewellery for the new age.

We can resize one size up and one size down from the original size. Shipping has to be paid by the customer.

Yes, you can, we have inhouse design team where customers can directly communicate with one of our designers to create their beautiful jewellery.

Yes, you can. We sell both precious and semi-precious gem stones. Most of our stones are sourced from Sri Lanka, the island which is world renowned for its magnificent gems. Every gemstone comes with a certificate.

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